Doe to some circumstances, We could not join The Gacha Garden. We are apologize if you are looking forward to.
The Gacha Gardenは諸事情により不参加となりました。楽しみにしていてくださった方々、申し訳ありません。
[ Event Schedule ]
Wayward Winter (18-31 Jan.)
The Fancy Collective (22 Jan.-15 Feb.)
The Gacha Garden (1-28 Feb.)
SaNaRae (25 Feb.-18 Mar.)
Pose Fair (12-26 Mar.)


Down Vest Gacha!

Soothe. Down Color [Women] GACHA

Soothe. Down Color [Mens] GACHA

Down feather Vest Series 10 colors GACHA
1turn only 100L

Soothe. at ASO!
I cant join the arcade gacha December coz my mistakes! just late accept loll so now gacha is on sale at ASO!